“All men by nature desire knowledge”

The Residence

The Collegio Universitario Luigi Lucchini di Brescia is a modern hall of residence, centre of excellence for the training of university students, who will be admitted after a careful selection process based on merit and motivation.
With a specific cultural program complementary to their academic training, together with the experience of community life in college, the residents will be able to develop and improve their personal, intellectual and professional skills.

It is supported and managed by a Foundation established for this purpose and its founder members are the Università degli Studi di Brescia and Fondazione Lucchini.
There is support from the world of finance and business, science and technology, culture and society for the cultural and academic training offered by the Collegio.

The training and cultural project

The training and cultural Project of the Collegio, aimed at developing its students’ talent and enhancing their aspirations, is based on the values of individual responsibility and respect for others.

The cultural activities offered are: training courses, forums, language courses, laboratories, meetings with guest speakers, interdisciplinary projects, concerts, theatre and guided visits.

The building and its services

The new building has accommodation for 54 students in single and twin-bedded rooms.
There are: library and study rooms equipped for group work, an auditorium, a common laundry room for student use with washing machines and dryers, wireless internet connections throughout the building, communal kitchen, cafeteria and recreation room, music room, internal car park. Special prices are offered for use of swimming pool and sporting equipment on the nearby campus.

Admission requirements

Students from Italy and other countries may apply for admission. Applications are welcome from those who:

  • intend to enrol in a first-year degree course at the Università degli Studi di Brescia, having passed the school leaving exam (e.g. maturità, A levels) with a mark of at least 85/100 or equivalent;
  • are currently students at the Università degli Studi di Brescia on a degree course (laurea triennale, magistrale) and, at the time of application have all their curriculum and exams up-to-date, as stipulated in their study plan. Their average mark must be 27/30 or more.

Every year a certain number of places can be reserved for those enrolled on a post-graduate or master’s degree course, visiting students and visiting professors.

Assignment of places for students (click here)

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Postdoctoral Researcher in Economic Sociology

“360° Experience. The life in College is a unforgetable experience for me, that made me grew up and change the way I interact with people. Being full of international students coming from all over the world, the College offers us an opportunity to learn about different cultures from the natives, to know their point of view and to be tolerant towards other cultures and believes.

Moreover, I made best friends here and I enriched my knowledge and my interests during the culture activities such as guided tours, theater shows, laboratories, seminars and educational courses.”

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Ph.D. student in Molecular and Translational Medicine

“Hi All, I am Mohammed a Ph.D. student. I have been living for 3 years in the Collegio and I am so lucky to be one of Collegio Lucchini’s family. Here I met many people and made best friends I have ever had in my life. As well, I got a good opportunity to communicate with many international students from all over the world, so I could enrich my experience about different cultures and backgrounds. Furthermore, the diverse range of cultural activities offered by collegio such as seminars, courses or theatre shows had markedly increase my knowledge. I really enjoy living in the collegio, it feels like home.”

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PhD student in Molecular Genetics, Biotechnologies and Experimental Medicine

“Collegio Universitario Luigi Lucchini has been so far a life-changing experience for me, rich of human interactions, multicultural exchange and self-empowerement.
The posItive atmosphere and the hybrid cultures and backgrounds blew my mind away, fostered my integration and allowed me to grow and develop.
Simply put, “Collegio Luigi Lucchini” is a fascinating community, made of beautiful human beings, where we are all encouraged on a daily basis to take initiatives, embrace our creativity, and communicate our ideas without restrictions.”

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“The whole world in one college would be the best description for Collegio Lucchini. The diverse background both cultural and in disciplinaries helps us to improve ourselves and open our minds.

Numerous activities, events and opportunities of socializing with amazing people are offered every single day. I really enjoy living in this community and getting the most of it. It is our home, our family.”

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PhD Student in Information Engineering

“I have attended many social events and activities that helped me a lot on improving myself. I have built strong friendships with beautiful people from all around the world. I will always feel lucky to be a member of Collegio Lucchini family.”

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Ph.D. student in civil engineering

“I am Mònica, PhD Student in Civil Engineering. I have been living in Collegio for 1 year. Here I found my second family, there is fondness and support from one to each other, we are all like sibblings  even if we come from different cultures and countries.

The Collegio/Residence offers us the opportunity to share experiences and listen to different point of views, thus, allowing us to earn a wider vision of the world.”

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